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Concert ticket ripoff

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Just tried ordering a concert ticket only to (re)discover what a dirty wankers those ticket sellers are. And I’m not talking about illegal tickets, no I’m talking about ordering through official channels ( Here’s a short breakdown;

  • 25 euro for the ticket, which is not bad at all;
  • 3,50 euro for a monthlong membership to enter the building… huh?;
  • 3 euro servicecosts… For what service? I’m ordering online and I must download and print the ticket myself;
  • 1,10 euro transfer costs to make the payment… WTF?!

Oh and of course banks don’t work… again! Tried 2 banks and 3 different payment methods…

Geez I hope those wankers get an serious accident soon. Imho the only solution to these kind of ripoffs is to remove the people responsible from society… permanently.

Edit:  the membership appears to be a cultural contribution to the non-profit organisation exploiting the building. No objections there.

The Discover Nothing Channel

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

When was the last time the Discovery Channel (and National Geographic) aired something that actually was about discovering? Is it me or has that channel gone down the drain? All you see these days are reruns and camera hungry hyperactive people, preferably loud mouthed Americans, doing their daily work while the narrator mentions the worst might happen at any time (which never happens!) or how much the workers are loosing financially…

Whatever happened to actually making discoveries, preferably in different countries. (I must mention Dutch media (and politicians) are so US minded it makes you cry and throw up at the same time)


Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Spend a day hunting for components on the Farnell website and once ready to place the order they asked for my VAT number… which I don’t have (yet)….. geez, you could have put that in your terms… bastards :(

One the bright side, how about digital output? I doubt the VS1053b has a better or equal DAC than an Onky amplifier with S/PDIF and coax inputs.

Edit: Holy crap, how can Murphy strike again… just wanted to look up some contact info so I can call them in the morning:

Our websites are currently unavailable whilst we perform a scheduled system upgrade.

Update: It’s possible to place an order as a private person after all, but only by sending the order in writing and paying in advance. Not very friendly, but no way around it if you need some less common components.

HDTV fail

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Speaking of fail (while still watching the hair-fail movie), Samsung digital TV’s suck (well at least mine does). Analog sound is out of sync when watching TV, it fails to ‘connect’ over HDMI with my PopcornHour most of the time (having to cycle power each time) and it’s so called 24p like movie experience (or whatever they call their fake 24p system) fails. And channel selection is unfriendly and slow.

So which brand to choose next time? Philips fails by being ugly and restricting I/O for no apparent reason and Sony just screws you over sooner or later. Apart from brands HDMI is the biggest fail of them all. Just look up the letters HDCP.

Don’t get me wrong, these are luxury problems, but come on, how hard can it be to actually make something that works and is consumer friendly? Sigh…

And spammers ruin the party once again…

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Comments are disabled. Be sure to thank your local fuckhead spammer for that. Did I already mention I hope these retards burn in hell? If not, I hope these retards burn in hell! *sigh* that didn’t take them long…. so far they have a 100% trackrecord of messing things up. After having run various websites on this domain for the past 10 years I can honestly say I’m done with removing spam. There’s no doubt in my mind anymore that truly open website where everyone can contribute belong to the previous century. It’s a real shame.


From the bottom of my heart I’d like to say thank you and wish you get the worst disease out there. Hope you die soon and give my regards to the insects eating your rotting corpse!

Vuvuzela blowers should be shot on sight

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Anyone else getting totally fed up with those Vuvuzela blowers? I’m not talking about the bees you hear in the background during a match. I’m talking about those kids that walk through the streets in the morning, the afternoon and evening blowing their lungs out. Latest example; lying in bed barely awake this morning and what do I hear through the open windows… Ffs, it was sweet in the beginning, but by now this pretty much sums it up:

Blow that vuvuzela on more time and I’ll shove it down your throat and make you suffer a slow and painful dead..

Aaah, I feel so much better now.