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Group import LED matrices?

Friday, May 20th, 2011

If you love LEDs as much as I do, you might find this blog post interesting. From the comments:

The P4 (the 64*32 indoor one, 4mm pitch made of 8*8 elements) costs around 160 dollars and the p6 (32*16 outdoor one, 6mm pitch made of SMD leds) around 40 , and it is just for fun! Note that I’m also able to get 32*32 6mm pitch SMD led matrices for around 70

Oooooh, seriously tempting :D I’ve been wanting these things for years, but always stayed away due to the high pricetag. But this thing changes that. Here’s a quick comparison. You might have heard of those 8×8 LEDsee RGB modules for 7 euro (or 10 dollar or so). Those are the cheapest RGB modules I’ve run across available to mere mortals. Now imagine a 128×64 matrix. That’s 128 modules aka 896 euro! With the group import you’d need 4 panels to get the same resolution. Smaller dimensions, but at roughly 460 euro. And a crapload less work because the factory has already done all the LED soldering for you :D

Pocket-sized OV-Chipkaart reverse engineering

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

For those interested in reverse engineering the OV-Chipkaart system (aka Dutch public transport card that’s currently being hacked to shreds because of gross incompetence of Trans Link Systems); here’s an setup that’ll work and fit in your pocket :)

Just a Pandora with a common RFID reader. With the proper knowledge you can whip up your own within a few hours ;)

Also fun would be to replace the reader with a custom Bluetooth capable setup (the Pandora already has Bluetooth). To help you on your way I’ll leave you with these URL’s: an ISO 14443 RFID module combined with a Bluetooth serial bridge. Put it in a lunchbox or something innocent looking and they’ll never suspect a thing.


Sunday, November 21st, 2010

… do governments of rich countries and the financial markets get away with all the evil they’re doing? Is it that we have too much luxury that keeps us occupied every second of the day and thus stops us from standing still every now and then to ask ourselves if we’re creating a world we would want to live in, or if we’re creating a world where fear and greed are considered normal and a part of everyday life?

HDCP master key?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

What’s this? Could it be the HDCP master key? I sure hope so. Although the impact of this key is relatively small in real life (long live mkv and torrents!), anything that punches holes in DRM is highly appreciated.

Hmmm, how hard would it be to dump the encrypted digital output to disk and run it through a decrypter stripping HDCP. Then you’d have a perfect copy without having to wait for Slysoft to update their software.

Come on monitor manufacturers, just drop HDCP (and HDMI) and knock 40 euro off of the price.


Anyone up for some disco!?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

With spare cycles in abundance, one’s mind gets creative. Throw a DSP library and 12-bit ADC’s in the mix and a spectrum analyser is born (although in reality this won’t be so easy). The VS1053b with patch applied also offers a VU meter, so the ingredients for a disco party are all present and accounted for :)

Several components come to mind;

  • Rip up the unfinished LED matrix panel to build something huge;
  • Dual analog VU meter panel that’s somewhere lying around collecting dust;
  • A small one using the 2 RGB matrices for the spectrum (2×8 channels probably won’t be that interesting though) accompanied by LED bargraphs;
  • Go LiQuiD-MP3 style one last time and use a 320×240 Planar EL display.

Although it’s something that won’t get off the ground for some time (need to finish the player first), it won’t hurt to add some sort of expansion port to the player where stuff like this can be hooked up to.