MicroServer vs old seedbox size comparison

To give a better idea as to how small this thing actually is, here’s a shot of it standing next to my old seedbox.

Also good to know is that the server is pretty silent. A quick and dirty subjective noise comparison revealed the noise level is about the same (no RAID yet) which is impressive. However the frequency is clearly much lower (usually a good thing).

Oh and the Broadcom NIC is up and running now. It is supported out of the box after all, but since I installed on a different system, udev mapped it to eth1 instead of eth0. Which offcourse wasn’t in /etc/networks/interface, so remembering how to use vi was an essential exercise ;) Also visible in the photo is the 250GB harddisk that came with it. Experimenting with a system running from a memorystick is not something I can recommend…

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