Making progress

If the MicroServer were human and female, I’d be in love. The little thing is fantastic. Got Debian testing and Fluxbox running out of the box, the RAID5 array is rebuilding in the background and slowly working through all steps. Even ATI’s proprietary driver install went relatively smooth (once you figure out it needs kernel headers). ATI’s installscript logs things in /usr/share/ati/ and only there. According to the GUI nothing is wrong and the entire install went fine. Which of course isn’t the case. Apart from this annoyance, it went remarkably well.

One of my worries was the temperature of the passively cooled vga card. So far things appear to be within limits. Last night it stabilised around 62.5 °C and during the night it went down to 52 °C (signal off and central heating turned down). This morning it has risen to 59.5 °C while typing this. This doesn’t give a complete yet, since I still need to test 1080p movie playback.

To get each temperature reading I used the aticonfig tool:

aticonfig –odgt

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