Oh crap…TI acquires National Semiconductor

Another mega company and less market competition, meaning we as developers are going to get screwed anytime now… bah!

Btw, the mail they send contained some pretty ‘funny’ lines:

I want to reinforce TI’s commitment to you, our customer, ¬†as we merge our two companies.

Sure, keep believing that. Your commitment is to your own financial benefit, or you wouldn’t have merged in the first place. You know it, we know it, so just be honest and say management is greedy. Just stop feeding us this corporate bullshit.

National’s 12,000 ¬†products plus TI’s 30,000 means more performance, power and packaging options when selecting the right ICs for your application.

Euhm how does that chance anything? By simply adding the other’s productline to your own does not magically bring new more powerful products into existence. Would be a neat trick though.

Our combined sales and applications team of 2,500 will be larger than any in the industry so we can provide more customers with greater face-to-face support than ever before.

HAHAHAHAHA, in which parallel universe!? Give me 1 example of a big company getting even bigger where customer experience an actual improvement.

TI’s fabs and National’s available capacity can enable higher production levels.

Again, how does this acquisition increase something? You could move products from one productionline to one at another facility, but that will not increase you production level. Also I must point out that I love the EvalBot stunt they pulled, but it took 3 months to be produced. Suffice it to say I have my doubts when it comes to production levels (this is not a TI/National specific issue, just head over to Mouser, Digikey, etc and look at some of the lead times)

Ok, enough for today ;)

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