Group import LED matrices?

If you love LEDs as much as I do, you might find this blog post interesting. From the comments:

The P4 (the 64*32 indoor one, 4mm pitch made of 8*8 elements) costs around 160 dollars and the p6 (32*16 outdoor one, 6mm pitch made of SMD leds) around 40 , and it is just for fun! Note that I’m also able to get 32*32 6mm pitch SMD led matrices for around 70

Oooooh, seriously tempting :D I’ve been wanting these things for years, but always stayed away due to the high pricetag. But this thing changes that. Here’s a quick comparison. You might have heard of those 8×8 LEDsee RGB modules for 7 euro (or 10 dollar or so). Those are the cheapest RGB modules I’ve run across available to mere mortals. Now imagine a 128×64 matrix. That’s 128 modules aka 896 euro! With the group import you’d need 4 panels to get the same resolution. Smaller dimensions, but at roughly 460 euro. And a crapload less work because the factory has already done all the LED soldering for you :D

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