Stripped MP4 player

The previous solution pretty much sucked as it consisted of manually holding a jack connector against 2 pins stuck in the breadboard. Being eager to hook up some decent speakers I dug up a crappy MP4 player bought during my trip to Hong Kong last year. It had (notice the past tense) a jack connector that would be very useful right now. Add 2 short pin header strips and voila, no more manual labour.

And as a bonus this leaves me with some potentially useful parts. A quick look and search yeilded the following:

  • AK1025(?)  audio/video DSP
  • Samsung K9GAG08U0M-PCB00 16Gbx8 NAND Flash, 2.7-3.6V (it’s supposed to have 4GB storage… err…)
  • SPT SP3767AHN FM radio module
  • 160×120 1.8″ TFT screen (?) with unknown controller
  • Battery of unknown origin
  • A very happy song called Butterfly (ai ai ai ai I’m your little butterly *click me* :D)

Not a bad start of the weekend at all.

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