Anyone up for some disco!?

With spare cycles in abundance, one’s mind gets creative. Throw a DSP library and 12-bit ADC’s in the mix and a spectrum analyser is born (although in reality this won’t be so easy). The VS1053b with patch applied also offers a VU meter, so the ingredients for a disco party are all present and accounted for :)

Several components come to mind;

  • Rip up the unfinished LED matrix panel to build something huge;
  • Dual analog VU meter panel that’s somewhere lying around collecting dust;
  • A small one using the 2 RGB matrices for the spectrum (2×8 channels probably won’t be that interesting though) accompanied by LED bargraphs;
  • Go LiQuiD-MP3 style one last time and use a 320×240 Planar EL display.

Although it’s something that won’t get off the ground for some time (need to finish the player first), it won’t hurt to add some sort of expansion port to the player where stuff like this can be hooked up to.

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