STM32 code upload woes

For the past 2 evenings I’ve been trying to figure out a strange problem I was having while uploading code to the STM32 board. As it stands now the mystery is finally solved. What was happening was that the flash loader wouldn’t recognise the controller…. except when I connected the ground clamp of my digiscope to the board’s grounds. Measured everything and all seemed ok, just as long as the clamp stayed on. Checked the entire chain multiple times from beginning to end, PSU, board, USB to RS-232 converter and cable connections. Nothing to be found….

But then in a rare flash of brilliance I noticed the PSU of the board and the power adapter of the laptop were plugged into wallsockets on opposite sides of the room. Plugged both in on the same side and the problem disappeared. At this time I cannot explain what was going on, but I’m glad it’s solved now. Took enough time to figure this one out.

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