Tsk tsk tsk MCD Application Team

Working hard on getting SDIO and FatFS up and running. Steadily making progress, but it’s not quite there yet. In the meantime I just want to give anyone else attempting this a minor note of warning – to get started quickly I looked at the SDIO example that comes with STM32′s peripheral lib, but quickly threw it out because the code is confusing.

I’m using the “Physical Layer Simplified Specification Version 2.00″ spec as a guideline on how to communicate with SD cards and it clearly outlines various states and which commands can supposed to be executed during those states.

What the MCD Application Team (a.k.a. the team behind STM32 code provided through ST’s website) has done is mix card states and even operating modes. For example placing Transfer State commands in the same function as Identification State code. While this can function perfectly fine, it does not correspond with the SD card spec making it not very logical to read. Could be quicker to just start from scratch ;)

And because I love diagrams:

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