USB SATA bridge

A while ago I thought about using a SSD instead of a SD card to the musicplayer. Since SATA IC’s aren’t exactly easy to obtain, I headed over to DealExtreme for a Mini USB 2.0 to SATA Dongle with the intention to rip it apart. Took a month to arrive (if you’re expecting stuff from China be prepared for a long wait… packages seem to take ages to arrive these days…) but today the day has come to go berserk (well actually the casing came apart pretty easily).

I was kind of expecting some kind of  JMicron chip, but was surprised to find a Moai MA6116 chip (and an unmarked crystal). Unfortunately no datasheet, but who knows what this thing can be used for. The manufacturers website only mentions this (for the A revision):

MOAI MA6116A is a bridge chip for USB to SATA interface, translating the host SCSI command to ATA/ATAPI command of SATA device, targeting the external HDD application. MA6116A complies with the USB Storage Class specifications ver.1.0 Bulk mode protocol and compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Win7, Mac OS 9, Linux Redhat. With the in-house DMA and Transceiver capability, MA6116A provides the market most outstanding read/write performance and BOM cost.

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