STM32 design contest

STMicroelectroics distributor EBV Elektronic is hosting a STM32 design contest and sends you a STM32 Discovery Kit for free if you register to participate. Mine arrived yesterday and is a welcome dev board for testing purposes :)

Offcourse I entered the contest as well. The project is called FLACie and I intend to get the official FLAC decoder running on the Cortex-M3 core. There is a port done for the Rockbox project of the FFmpeg decoder, but it’s old (5+ years and from before the reference decoder was optimised) and only works on ARM7TDMI controllers. I’m talking about a port based on the reference decoder and optimised to run on Cortex-M3 controllers. General idea is that if it runs on ARM7TDMI cores it must definitely be possible on Cortex-M3 cores.

If this succeeds the VS1053B decoder can be taken out of the musicplayer design. And since that component is the most expensive one it should have a nice impact on the total component cost. Besides it would be a kicker if this actually works!

To be continued…

On a sidenote; remember my rant about shipping costs? The dev board was send through Deutsche Post from Germany using a normal postage stamp. Thankfully no UPS, DHL or any other expensive customer unfriendly courier. Props to EBV for using the postal system as it’s supposed to be used!

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