US government retardedness

I was about to post a large rant about the US government and how they’re handling the Wikileaks thing. Nothing new has been published yet and they’re already squealing like little piggies resulting in reading their excuses in newspapers in my country on the other side of the world. So instead of writing a big rant I’ll just keep it short and give you a link to a video on the EEVblog. Makes me feel less like a single person shouting in the desert ;)

Dear US government, if you want Wikileaks to stop publishing your dirty little secrets here’s what you do; Stop manipulating the rest of the world, stop lying, stop murdering, stop violating basic human rights, stop intimidating, stop blocking international treaties that benefit us all. Basically stop raping the shit out of the rest of the world!

As for the 2nd part, hop over to the EEVblog and watch Dave voice his opinion on airport security.

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