Display galore

Welcome to a bit of LiQuiD-MP3 history. Below some of the more interesting displays I’ve managed to get my hands on over the years.

Babcock plasma display
Comes from a pinball machine. It’s big, heavy, but I love it because it’s so strange and, never found anything similar. The bad news is it’s still under repairs after I short circuited it a couple of years ago. Probably the saddest day in LiQuiD-MP3′s history seeing the poor basterd releasing a small puff of smelly smoke…

Huge dual colour LED matrix
Dimensions are 1m x 50cm! Bought 40 of these Samsung 16×16 red-green LED matrix modules. Used 32 to build a huge 128×64 pixel panel. When all LED are on it draws 102 A(!) @5V. ¬†High on my priority list of projects to finish.

Nokia 6610 display
Hell my original post on the LCDInfo forum still exists :)

Planar 8 colour 640×480 EL display
Hooked up to EXT port of an ISA VGA card.

Noritake 800

Large Otis 2 character alphanumeric VFD

Stuff without images

  • Another Planar EL display – a monochrome 320×240
  • Two Optrex 240×64 RGB displays with an Epson S1D13503 controller
  • And a mountain of other more ‘ordinary’ displays…